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How You Can Help
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01. Foster

We are always seeking Foster Parents, Foster Homes and related rescue support.

To become a foster parent is to provide veterinary care and/or supplies to support one or more selected shelter ferret(s) over the ferrets’ lifetime. Donations in this regard are made on a monthly or quarterly basis. How much is donated is at your discretion.

To become a foster home is to house and provide continued daily care for one or more ferrets in your home, until a permanent loving home can be found. A foster home application and background check is required for approval. Monetary compensation may or may not be provided by NRF.

NRFR typically covers a broad geographical area, to include VA, WV, and northern NC. As such, we also need drivers for ferret transporting from time to time. We are also looking for experienced supporters to conduct home visits, as part of the applicant pre-screening process of potential adopters.

Show Up

02. Be a Volunteer

Another way to support NRFR would be to consider becoming an event volunteer. The event might be an adoption event, a public relations event, a fund-raising event, a rescue expedition, to name a few.

There are many tasks associated with preparing for and conducting the various events that we engage in for shelter support.  Tasks may include: event coordination, bathing and grooming the ferrets, preparing signs and literature, hosting the event, overseeing the ferrets at the event, transporting the ferrets and event equipment/ supplies, and many others.

Check the “Events” page to see the upcoming list of scheduled activities.

Give Back

03. Make a Donation

NRFR depends upon public donations to continue its work to rescue and provide for ferrets in need.

You can help!

Please consider making a monetary donation through PayPal or personal check. Click the PayPal button below, or contact us with your prefered alternative method, to make a donation. Upon receipt, you will receive an acknowledgement and receipt for tax purposes.

You can also support NRFR by donating consumable items, such as food, bedding, supplies, litter (wood stove pellets) and/or similar.

Speak Up

04. Spread the Word

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save a life

05. Medical Donations

Highly significant is our need to pay the ever-increasing veterinary bills. You may make donations directly to the following veterinarians that have provided invaluable support over the years:

Dr. Thomas Kawasaki

Old Bridge Veterinary Hospital

3604 Old Bridge Road
Woodbridge, VA 22912
(703) 494-0094 / (703) 494-5499


Dr. Michael Zuccaro / Dr. Carol Moyer

Brook Run Animal Clinic

7416 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23227
(804) 262-8621

Whether your gift is monetary or material-based, your donation is deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you for your support!