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Since 1998

Saving Ferrets &
Finding Homes

Our passion
  • Protect and provide for ferrets in need
  • Raise public awareness through education
  • Engage in social networking with other ferret enthusiasts and organizations
  • Participate in adoption events
  • Organize fund-raising activities


What Drives Us

What We Do

We protect and provide for any ferret(s) in need, regardless of health, age or origin, until a permanent loving home can be found.

All ferrets that come to the shelter, for whatever reason, are immediately provided a health evaluation, routine care and veterinary care, as required. Each animal that is admitted to the shelter is logged in a master registry with their name, description, color, age, sex, weight, and any distinguishing temperament or personality traits. Each is assigned a general health assessment. The routine care provided includes a flea shampoo bath, nail clipping, and ear cleaning with ivermectin for the control of ear mites. Additional medical care may be provided, as needed. 

NRFR actively networks with other ferret enthusiasts and organizations, local and nationally (and sometimes internationally), to join forces in the stand for the common cause to promote the domestic ferret. A recent example would be our efforts to encourage the legalization of pet ferret ownership in New York City. 

We work with community veterinarians, local pet stores, other ferret groups/organizations and the general public to educate on the genuine endearing qualities and the total care of the ferret as a pet. We offer a variety of information packets and website references relating to all ferret topics concerning nutritional needs, care, health, and other related information.

Our shelter participates in adoption events with local humane societies, farm and pet stores for the purposes to locate loving permanent homes for our shelter ferrets. We set up adoption/information tables, bring our public relations ferrets out to meet the public for educational purposes. We screen all applicants for adoption for permanent placement to the best of our ability, which includes home visits prior to release, to ensure maximum assurance that the animal in placed with informed, caring and responsible owners.

NRFR engages in fund-raising activities to support the financial needs of the organization. We depend upon donations to support the continued care that we provide for our resident ferrets. None of the NRFR staff members are afforded any monetary compensation. Conversely, we have all invested, and continue to invest, heavily in this labor of love to care for the sick, elderly, disabled, and often times, discarded ferrets.


Nirvana Ridge Ferret Rescue (NRFR)

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