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Save a Life


When surrendering a ferret, please be thoughtful of the costs involved for the shelter. It takes an average of three months to find just the right home for a young, healthy ferret, and longer for a ferret that is older or has medical problems.

  • Vaccinations $38 (rabies and distemper)
    Feed and care for each ferret $5/week ($65 for three months)
  • Vet visits $38
  • Melatonin implants for ferrets with adrenal disease $40
  • Cost of care of one ferret young and healthy for three months = minimum $108.
  • Cost of care of one ferret older and with medical issues for six months = minimum $206

While there is no cost to surrender a ferret, we do ask that you donate something toward the ferret’s care. The rescue runs solely on donations and fund raising. There is no government funding.

We also ask that you bring all the ferrets supplies with the ferret. This is for two reasons. First, we try to lessen the stress to the ferret by keeping things around it that it is used to. Second, what we don’t need, we sell to raise funds for the rescue.